Somewhere in Barcelona, cortado in hand.

This crafty designer seeks to enhance your business with tasty designs, wise direction and tidy production files for your print, packaging, environmental and digital projects along with a hefty work ethic and 15+ years of experience.
I love humans (many of them, anyway) and enjoy the thrill of collaborating with minds and hearts who share that feeling. I also possess the capacity to work alone and take the lead. Likely this quality was honed during my days as a whipper-snapper navigating the wilds of Alaska while taking daily refuge in a one-room cabin. Don't worry! There were other humans around too. Plenty of fine ones, in fact, who helped foster an indelible sense of community around and in me. I find this priceless! My Portland hood runs a close second.
Otherwise, I fancy myself a cook, baker, gardener, traveler, cat herder, house project doer, crafty maven, walker, dancer, downward dogger, keen observer and goofball. Believe it or not, these things may very well inform the work I do for you, as well as help to make life generally delightful!